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The number of logging methods is therefore fewer for these boreholes compared with the data collected during the site investigations at Oskarshamn and Forsmark.

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The quality control led to that many of the logs had to be length adjusted with reference to the updated rock type mapping. Noise levels are generally low or moderate and the density and magnetic susceptibility logs fit well with data from core samples.

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The main objective of the investigation was to use the results as supportive information during the geological core mapping and as supportive information during the harja nemeng ja valus single-hole interpretation. This combination of physical properties most likely corresponds to occurrences of Aespoe diorite.

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In all five boreholes there are one or a couple of fairly long sections, m, of significantly increased natural gamma radiation, decreased density and magnetic susceptibility; a combination of physical properties that is typical for fine-grained granite. Along these sections there are generally indications of possible deformation zones and also significant anomalies in the vertical fluid temperature gradient, which indicates that the fine-grained dykes are related to water bearing deformation zones.

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